let's talk about maps, technology, presentations and demos...

GIS & Maps

For the past 15 years I've worked in GIS, specialising in Esri's ArcGIS on the Desktop and the Server.

This includes geodatabase design, VB.Net, VBA & Python, & web map development in HTML & JavaScript.

A career highlight was working on the Atlas of NSW project, which I helped to build in ArcGIS Server's JS API.

Coding & Writing

My technical writing includes multiple articles published in Esri's ArcUser magazine over the past 10 years.

I have written many popular scripts using Python, JavaScript, VB.Net, VBA and legacy GIS languages.

I've also worked on shopping carts and web maps, helping to improve the overall user experience.


Boring presentations drive me mad. My own presentations and technical demos are always memorable.

My passion for good presentations lead me to start Ignite Sydney, a "lightning" presentation evening.

I'm experienced at helping presenters to craft engaging presentations & demos which hit the mark.


It's hard work to deliver a good software demo, which excites the audience without confusing them.

I've spent years honing my technical presentation skills, before audiences of all sizes & technical abilities.

This has lead to many successful sales, including Government departments & large utilities.