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Atlas of NSW

The Atlas of NSW

The Atlas of New South Wales showcases Esri's ArcGIS Server JavaScript API in a powerful user-centric application. The site was built by a team of 3 core developers, on which I was the main GIS developer.

The maps include tiled, dynamic and feature layers, and integrate charts from Google Charts and HighCharts. Innovating map clustering uses a modified version of Esri's clustering scripts.

Atlas of NSW has received many accolades within the GIS community, and has been featured at the Esri Developer conference, Ozri and Spatial@Gov.

GeoPortal Genie

GeoPortal Genie

GeoPortal Genie is a new stand-alone front-end for Esri Geoportal Server which dramatically improves the usability, functionality and customisation options.

GeoPortal Genie's engine abstracts the back-end functionality of Esri GeoPortal Server away from the front-end, allowing web developers to style their geo-portals using standard responsive HTML5 techniques and methodologies.

Built in JavaScript on the Backbone.js framework, GeoPortal Genie is a robust way to bring Esri Geoportal Server up-to-date with modern web design approaches.

NSW Coastal Explorer

NSW Coastal Explorer

The New South Wales Coastal Explorer is a site built on the Full Extent map viewer API, of which I was the principal developer.

This site used semantic analysis to place hundreds of PDF documents on the map, using Full Extent's text-to-map product.

My role was to built the map interface, including the innovative pseudo-schematic navigation widget which affords easy navigation along the NSW coastline.

Climate Explorer

Australian Climate Explorer

This map was created for Esri's 100-lines-or-less competition, where the aim was to build the best map using only 100 lines of JavaScript.

My entry involved writing a Python script to download historical weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology site, compiling it into a GIS-ready format, and writing a framework to display it using interactive charts.

Ignite Sydney map

Google Maps for Ignite Sydney

This map was created for the Ignite Sydney event, using Google Docs as a data store and Google Maps API v3 as the mapping front-end.

Locations were scraped from Campaign Monitor's dump file, showing clustered user locations.

The map demonstrates how to retrieve and geocode features from Google Docs, cluster them, then make them available with an infoWindow. A progress bar informs the user while the features are loading.

52 Suburbs map

Google Fusion Tables for

A challenge was to design a map which could be edited by a non-technical user, with no access to advanced tools or GIS functionality.

The solution was to create a Fusion Table which geocodes points, then read them into a Google map.

Scale thresholds are used control visibility, with local markers switched off to display the Fusion Tables points at the applicable scale.

Steve and Glo's map

Google Styled Map

The goal of this project was to use Google Maps as a front-end to an extensive Flickr library, which had no geocoding information.

Zooming is disabled to allow stylistic marker placement, on a Styled map background for maximum impact.

A pseudo-CMS was created in Python, with a simple array used to build (and link) the individual pages and menus for simple maintenance.